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Welcome to let's Rise Above!

We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with the vision to transform communities by impacting schools and the mission of impacting schools through acts of kindness. 

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We do all the footwork. Your donations go solely towards staff, students, and families.


Receive a newsletter each semester showing what your donations have accomplished.

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Let's Rise Above Mentoring Services

Customization Available depending on Needs

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Leadership & Mentoring

A comprehensive mentoring and leadership program that causes
growth in ALL students

Parent Workshops

We offer engaging parent workshops
that utilize activities to bring "ah ha" moments to participating parents.

Empowerment Conferences

Choose Between comprehensive conferences or single conferences
with various themes.


Reviews from Let's Rise Above Participants

Don’t just take our word for it! Look at the reviews of those who have experienced our services. At Let’s Rise Above we are passionate about seeing the lives of those we work with transformed through our love and impactful work.

    Beatriz Valerio
    Beatriz Valerio

    5th Grade Teacher

    I wanted to share that one of my most tough/challenging student this year and even years prior. He is now turning into a positive leader and role model in class! I credit mentorship program, building of character, responsibility, and the ability for him to believe in himself for this transformation. Most students look up to this young man, so not only was he motivated to change his behavior, but others are now following his example!

      Astrid Enosa
      Astrid Enosa


      I love the program all around. All of the activities we do as parents and what they do for our kids, it’s truly amazing. It gives me things to think about as a parent, to be better and instill important things in our kids. It’s such a beneficial program, I can’t wait to return next year!!

        James Deloney
        James Deloney

        Campus Supervisor

        This program gives kids hope that they can be better , it has also been very inspiring for me to see each and everyone of these kids grow, and I hope to be more involved in rise above moving forward.

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