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Our mission as an organization is to pour into kids so that they can pour into other kids. Mentoring students with purpose. No matter the age of a student they have the ability to make meaningful contributions to their family, school, and community.

What is mentoring?

Mentoring is to advise or train. There is a common misconception when it comes to mentoring. Many individuals see mentoring as merely teaching kids how to achieve and how to succeed. However, teaching merely gives information. Though this is an important element of mentoring, training must take place in order for students to practice what they learn. This is true mentorship.

Designed for aLL Students

This program has been designed to impact ALL students. No matter their background or experience. We focus on the whole child because each one is distinct and have deficits in various areas of their life.

hands-on learning Experiential Learning

Our program is different in that we not only pour into students and give them great information, but also give students the opportunity to put into practice the very things that they learn.

Power of community

Our program is BIG on helping to establish community. We ensure that all stakeholders are involved in the mentoring process. Parents, Guardians, Teachers, Campus Supervisors, Administration. It really takes a village to raise a child.

Mentoring Phases

Rise Above employees will be on campuses during student recesses. Staff will interact with students through the implementation of games and musical activities. Due to current circumstances, Rise Above Employees will enter classrooms via Zoom and engaging in fun activities with students during “Lunch” or “Breaks.”

After the initial phase students will be “invited” into a group through staff recommendations. Being sure to focus not only on students who exhibit noticeable behavior problems, but those who may not exhibit disruptive behaviors. This will give those students who may fly under the radar an opportunity to participate as well.

The leadership meetings will focus on character development and positive relationships and interactions with others. Students will have a required daily Check in Check Out that they must get filled out by their teacher. 

An additional meeting will be provided for students who begin to get promoted in the program. The students will be trained within this additional meeting time to become mentors themselves. Mentors in training will be challenged and encouraged through this process. Due to COVID the alternative to meeting in person would be to meet via zoom.

Once these students have been trained themselves and have advanced to higher level positions, they will use their skills that they have obtained through observation to begin mentoring younger students online/in person who maybe struggling within their own classes/homes. We want these student mentors to not just be a vessel for receiving information, but one’s that also pour into others.

Our Equitable Group Makeup

In the Let’s Rise Above mentoring program we are sure that all students get an opportunity to participate. Many times only one particular group of students is focused on and the others overlooked. However, it is important that ALL Students are given the opportunity to participate because they all have something they can learn from each other. Even the student with straight A’s, model behavior, and great home life. This student can still learn what it means to help others reach their same capacity. Experiencing success on my own is easy, but helping others to do the same can prove challenging.

Our Program is set up as a business model. As students meet their goals,

 they get promoted. Gaining more responsibilities and Privileges.


One of the most critical components of leadership development is accountability. However many times this crucial part is overlooked, therefore undermining the growth process of an individual. In our mentoring program we teach students the importance of integrity and following through on your word.


Reviews From Let's Rise Above

Don’t just take our word for it! Look at the reviews of those who have experienced our services. At Let’s Rise Above we are passionate about seeing the lives of those we work with transformed through our love and impactful work.

    Beatriz Valerio
    Beatriz Valerio

    5th Grade Teacher

    I wanted to share that one of my most tough/challenging student this year and even years prior. He is now turning into a positive leader and role model in class! I credit mentorship program, building of character, responsibility, and the ability for him to believe in himself for this transformation. Most students look up to this young man, so not only was he motivated to change his behavior, but others are now following his example!

      Astrid Enosa
      Astrid Enosa


      I love the program all around. All of the activities we do as parents and what they do for our kids, it’s truly amazing. It gives me things to think about as a parent, to be better and instill important things in our kids. It’s such a beneficial program, I can’t wait to return next year!!

        James Deloney
        James Deloney

        Campus Supervisor

        This program gives kids hope that they can be better , it has also been very inspiring for me to see each and everyone of these kids grow, and I hope to be more involved in rise above moving forward.


        Ms. Dena Drouault

        Mentor & Conference Director

        It doesn’t just take a village to raise a child, but an “active” village.