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Parent Workshops

Inspiration & Engagement

How many of us like to be spoken at like we know absolutely nothing. Parents are childrens greatest teachers, counselors, and advocates. In our parent workshops, we remind parents that they are ultimately their childs expert, coming alongside and providing some pearls to help take their parenting to the next level. Did I mention they are fun?

Engaging Activities!

Engaging Activities at every parent workshop!

Memorable Trinkets!

A trinket included at every workshop to remember key concepts.

Great Conversations!

Our workshops are interactive, given the parents opportunities to ask questions as well as make meaningful contributions to the dialogue.

Family Challenges!

The challenge is making time to engage in fun activities that tie in with learning.

Parent Feedback

Right from the mouths of our parents


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We provide individual parent workshops and parent workshop sets. 

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Ms. Samantha Drouault


“Children & youth can accomplish so much when given the opportunity”