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Great Program for students & Stakeholders

Every stakeholder is a vital part to our children’s success. Within our program we don’t just have students leaving impacted by also those connected with the students.

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    Ms. Clines
    Ms. Clines


    Students have made comments about students that are in the program and how their behavior has changed for the positive. One of the teachers stated that her class looks up to one of the students now that are in the program and that one of the students that is in the program did not get a score that he liked and asked the teacher what he could do to ensure that he gets a better score next time.



      The 1st semester taught my son the importance of teaching and helping others. It also helped him to be more confident and social. He knows now that this program will help him later in life and teach him good morals. He's excited to attend for the 2nd semester he was a little hesitant at first when it began but soon realized how much he really enjoyed it. This will help him through out the years with life lessons. I appreciate this opportunity for my son and also enjoy all you've taught him he's always so excited to tell me about the days lessons of life. Thank you

        Ms. Alina
        Ms. Alina

        Campus Supervisor

        Rise Above has improved campus culture because I see how the times at recess are so much better with some of the students not giving any issues.

        Why Choose Us

        Real Results

        We focus on the whole child. From social emotional, academic, behavior we are determined to see growth in all areas.

        Designed for all Students

        This program is suitable for students of all types. From the high achieving to the underachieving.

        hands-on learning

        A large percentage of what we learn comes from doing. Therefore we provide our students with The opportunity to practice those things which they are taught.

        Power of community

        Our focus is children, but we also understand that by ourselves we are incapable of making a significant impact, however together we can make lasting change.