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Focused on the Whole child

Our services focus on the whole child. We equip and empower stakeholders to better impact our students. We are effective and efficient in what we do. Children and youth are our #1 priority.

Why Partner With Us?

Reliable Service

You can be sure that by partnering with us that you are going to receive reliable and quality service.

Data Backed Impact

Data doesn't lie, about our programs impact. We have seen improvement in all areas of students lives from attendance, to behavior, to academics.

Experienced Staff

Staff who have worked in a variety of school roles from counseling, to teaching, to PBIS, to secretarial work and with a variety of students and families.

Featured Services

Skills in High Demand

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Leadership & Mentoring

A comprehensive mentoring and leadership program that supports the needs of ALL students

Parent Workshops

We offer engaging parent workshops that utilize activities to bring "ah ha" moments to participating parents.

Empowerment Conferences

Choose Between comprehensive conferences or single conferences with various themes.

Ms. Leandra Henderson

Mentor & Secretary

“We Believe even when they don’t”